Network of crosstalk from NF-kappa_B_signaling_pathway to Toll-like_receptor_signaling_pathway:


Node StyleNode Description
SquareTranscription Factor
Gene in neither pathway
Gene in NF-kappa_B_signaling_pathway
Gene in Toll-like_receptor_signaling_pathway
Gene in both pathways
Attribute Value
title "Crosstalk from NF kappa B to Toll-like Receptor Signaling Pathway"
tags ["2015-bioinformatics-xtalk", "kegg-curated-top-rank-FPs"]
authors ["Allison N. Tegge", "Nicholas Sharp", "T. M. Murali"]
pmid "26400040"
paper_title "Xtalk: a path-based approach for identifying crosstalk between signaling pathways."
name "kegg-nfkb-tlr"
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Edge Name Tail Node Head Node
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