Edges ranked less than or equal to 200.0000
Edge file: results/pathlinker-signaling-children-reg/weighted//netpath/pathlinker/Leptin-k_20000-ranked-edges.txt
Coloring netpath Leptin nodes/edges #01DF01
Sources of Evidence
Sources are black if they were used to construct the interactome and gray if they were not used to construct the interactome.
  • CSBDB are protein-protein interactions from the CSBDB database
  • KEGG are protein interactions from the KEGG database
  • NetPath are protein interactions from the NetPath database
  • SPIKE are protein interactions from the SPIKE database
Attribute Value
tags ["pathlinker-all-netpath-pathways", "2015-npj-sysbio-appl-pathlinker"]
title "graph_2017-04-14 01:18:48.119276"
pubmed_authors ["Anna Ritz", "Christopher L Poirel", "Allison N Tegge", "Nicholas Sharp", "Kelsey Simmons", "Allison Powell", "Shiv D Kale", "T. M. Murali"]
taxon_id "9606"
organism "Homo sapiens"
paper_title "Top-down network analysis to drive bottom-up modeling of physiological processes."
name "NetPath-Leptin-pathlinker-top200paths"
Node Name Node Label
Edge Name Tail Node Head Node
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