Edges ranked less than or equal to 200.0000
Edge file: results/pathlinker-signaling-children-reg/weighted//netpath/pathlinker/Wnt-k_20000-ranked-edges.txt
Coloring netpath Wnt nodes/edges #01DF01; coloring other nodes/edges #AC58FA if they are in KEGG Wnt
Sources of Evidence
Sources are black if they were used to construct the interactome and gray if they were not used to construct the interactome.
  • CSBDB are protein-protein interactions from the CSBDB database
  • KEGG are protein interactions from the KEGG database
  • NetPath are protein interactions from the NetPath database
  • SPIKE are protein interactions from the SPIKE database
Attribute Value
tags ["pathlinker-all-netpath-pathways", "2015-npj-sysbio-appl-pathlinker"]
title "graph_2017-04-14 01:18:48.234218"
pubmed_authors ["Anna Ritz", "Christopher L Poirel", "Allison N Tegge", "Nicholas Sharp", "Kelsey Simmons", "Allison Powell", "Shiv D Kale", "T. M. Murali"]
taxon_id "9606"
organism "Homo sapiens"
paper_title "Top-down network analysis to drive bottom-up modeling of physiological processes."
name "NetPath-Wnt-pathlinker-top200paths"
Node Name Node Label
Edge Name Tail Node Head Node
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